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Reseller Hosting About Us

About Us

BlueGenesis is a well-financed corporation that serves the online needs of Web Developer Resellers and small to medium-sized businesses (SME) around the world.  Our customers rely on us for award-winning web hosting, email, domain name registration and e-commerce hosting solutions. We are proven in the market with thousands of customers and trusted by Web Development professionals to provide the most up to date dependable hosting platform.

As a business user, you can set up an account with us directly or you can go through one of the many Website Developers who provide BlueGenesis hosting as part of their design and support services.

Resellers select us because we offer the most feature-rich, reliable and affordable services in the market. If you offer hosting services to your customers, or plan on adding them, check out our Reseller Program.

The key to our success is our ability to offer:

Flexible Solutions to meet the needs of Resellers and SMES.
You get true flexibility when you choose a BlueGenesis web hosting solution. Our one-of-a-kind cross platform system runs applications in UNIX, Linux or Windows™, unlike many services that support either Windows or UNIX. This means you can run ASP/MS Access and PHP/MySQL databases from the same server farm.

Our hosting plans are carefully structured to ensure the client needs are met with solutions at the best possible price. From simple email only plans to advanced VM Servers, our plans range from $6/month to $600/month. Each plan addresses a particular market demand niche and all plans can be upgraded or down graded based on evolving needs.

Reliable Solutions backed by a Service Level Agreement.
In today’s online business world, downtime just isn’t acceptable. That’s why we target 99.9% uptime.

• Cisco HSRP (Hot Swappable Router Protocol) ensures router redundancy.

Our server cluster uses multiple load-balancing hardware with
  automatic fail overs.

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) storage technology lowers the
  risk of failure, and improves fault-tolerance by expanding data capacity and
  spreading data across multiple disks.

Diverse network paths ensure no single network failure can impact
  web page serving.

Automated systems and experienced staff monitor 24/7/365.

New Innovative Applications ensure we continue to lead.
No Web Hosting Solution can exist without continual upgrades and application innovations. BlueGenesis makes it our mission to develop service innovations. Over the past year we have added the following to our solution.

• VM Server 2.0
• 3,000+ Web Site Templates
• VMS 5 Plan

• F-Prot Anti-Virus

• Pro Stores Shopping Cart
• Web Blog Builder
• Live Chat

• EasySite Wizard 6.0
• Shell Access

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